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"Envisioning a life that is just, peacful and free from fear and discrimination "

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Projects and Partners of HRPLSC
 S.N Program Name Funding Agency Year Target Area
1 Building Local Capacity to Promote Transitional Justice and Peace Building, Build-TJP Governance Facility, Nepal 2016 to 2018 Rukum, Rolpa, Salyan, Pyuthan, Dang, Banke and Bardiya
2 Public Finance Management Prpgram, PFM PRAN/CECI 2016 10 VDC of Banke
3 Local Governance and Community Development Program,LGCDP DDC Rukum/LGCDP 2014 to 2016 11 VDC of Rukum
4 A Human Rights and Reconciliation Promoting Initiative at the Community Level European Union (EU) 2012/14 Rukum and Salyan 10 VDC
5 Ensuring Participatory and Secure Transition (EPST) SFCG, Search For Common Ground 2014 Banke and Bardiya
6 Improving the quality of the delivery of public services of selected VDC  in Rukum and Salyan through implementing community score card . World Bank/PRAN/CECI 2013 Rukum and salyan 15 vdc
7 Establishing PLC Monitoring System at Local level
Unicef 2011/12 Rukum,salyan,pyuthan,dang,Rolpa, Banke, Bardiya, surkhet, jajorkot, Dailekh
8 Building local capacity to promote the respect for human rights (BLCPHR) RDIF/ESP 2010/112 Rukum,Rolpa,Salyan,Pyuthan and Dang 50 vdc
9 Public hearing and compliance monitoring (Local Governance Accountability LGAF 2011/12 Rukum
10 Community Base Paralegal Program,CBPP UNDP/A2J 2009 Banke ,District
11 Single Women Empowerment Program, SWEP MSBK 2008/13 Rukum and Rolpa
12 Strengthening Participation of Excluded Groups of People of Rapti Zone in Constitution Making Process (SPEPCMP) UNDP/SPCBN 2008/11 Rukum,Rolpa,Salyan,Pyuthan and Dang
13 Civil Society Program. SFCG, Search For Common Ground 2007/10 Rukum and Salyan
14 People's Initiatives For Sustainable Peace, PISP, Phase-2 DanidaHUGOU 2005/08 Mid and far western region.
15 Rolpa People's Campaign for Peace The Asia Foundation 2006/08 Rolpa
16 Basic Operating Guidelines Program CCO 2005 Rukum
17 Civil Society Campaign for Peace UNDP/SPDI 2005 Mid and far western region
18 Food for Education Program WFP 2004 15 V.D.C Rukum
19 Media Campaign for Sustainable Peace Phase-1 DanidaHUGOU 2004/05 Mid and Far Western region
20 School Support Program DFID/CSP 2003 Khara VDC Rukum
21 PASDP UNDP/SPDI 2002 6 VDC Rukum
22 Human Rights Activists Training INSEC 2000 Rukum