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Conduct public hearing on public services to promote governance
Tribeni Gaunpalika ward no 6 has conducted public hearing with facilitation of HRPLSC, The public hearing has conducted as per the MOU with Gaunpalika, although, Gaunpalika and ward office were not conducted in last year.  The Public hearing has conducted with the participation of ward chair person as key responsible person and community people. During the public hearing, The ward president has shared the overall progress of work, public services and facilities. Beside that the facilitator has announced to put complain on public services. The public hearing discussed that lack of water in community, electricity problem has face by community. and Responding to the problems raised in the program, Rajendra rehearsa of Vada No. 6 was given the answer. Various issues related to local physical development, electricity, drinking water and road were discussed in the program. Beside that the ward has response to the issue and committed to resolve the problem. As a result, The ward no 6 has execution suddenly on electricity by 3 days. After the three days electricity problem has resolver.
According to Gaunpalika chief  Mr. Jhakuprasad Gharti said that now the other ward office  will also  conduct public hearing  in all ward and Gaunpalika will be completed till the end of the current financial year. Then, we will continue to make public hearings at the end of every quarter.