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Home > HRPLSC has constructed Peace Memorial in Banke district

The Peace Memorial was built in the Tribeni road, just near to new Road Nepalgunj as an honor and remembering of those people who had lost their life in the people's movement during 2062/063 and also for those missed peoples during the conflict. Human Right Protection and Legal Service Center has constructed the Peace Memorial with the funding support of UN women and Search for Common Ground and joint collaboration of Local Peace Committee and Nepalgunj Municipality.
Actually, the Government of Nepal has declared the people as Martious those who have either lost their life in Peoples movement in Nepal or in armed conflict or in Madhesh Movement. As a fact, the Government is failed to provide compensations to the family members of martious family as per the assertion made earlier. On the other hand, the family members of the victims increase a sense of coldness towards the state for not disclosing the information about the lost people. Besides, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is not yet formed.
There is a problem facing by people in terms of getting peace and cooperation due to ineffective implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820, even though the Government of Nepal has already formulated the National strategic planning earlier.
After construction of Peace Memorial in the remembrance of the lost peoples during the Madhesh Movement, peoples war movements and also for recall to disappeared peoples, the family members of victim somehow found some relief and took it as a good step and this has further supported for admiration. The family members can now come to the Peace Memorial once a year and remember their lost family members and get some peace in mind. This has created a kind of association and supported for social harmony at the local levels.
In the Peace memorial, a total of 301 peoples names were carved who were either died or disappeared. Among the 301; 237 peoples have lost their life, 57 were disappeared, 5 peoples lost life in Madheshi movement. Similarly, 2 lost peoples names were also carved those were lost in People movement during 2062/63. All these peoples were from Banke districts only. The Peace Memorial construction is designed as of 5 squire fit width and 14 fit tall construction in which the flying pigeon was placed on the top of the round marble piece and around the Memorial, 15 fit place was covered with cemented wall, which looks very attractive.
Before construction of the Peace Memorial, HRPLSC has developed coordination with the local peace committee, political party members, civil society members, government organizations and organized dialogue programs with them and lastly finalized the decision of making Peace Memorial. As a result, Nepalgunj Municipality provided piece of land for construction of Memorial and Search for Common Ground (SFCG), an INGO operating in Nepal whose mission is to transform the way the world deals with conflict away from adversarial approaches toward cooperative solutions. The SFCG granted Rs. 2 lak which is a great support for the construction work.        
The Peace Memorial was inaugurated by Mr. Jiwan Prasad Oli, the Chief District Officer of Banke and the program was chaired by Kamaruddin Rai, Coordinator of Local Peace Committee.
The Peace Memorial which was built in the Banke district has provided the message of honor to the victim family and the victim family felt a kind of peace.