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"Envisioning a life that is just, peacful and free from fear and discrimination "

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1.Annual Report of Civil Society: Mutual Accountability (CS:MAP) - Click Download
2. Annual Report of Build-TJP - Click Download
3. A human rights and reconciliation promoting initiative at the community level/ Supported Europian Union(EU) - Click download

4. Building local capacity to promote the respect for human rights (BLCPHR)/Supported ESP/RDIF Click Download

5. Improving the quality of the delivery of public services of selected Village Development Committees  in     Rukum and Salyan districts through implementing community score card / Supported Word Bank/ PRAN/CECI Click Download

6.Public hearing and compliance monitoring/Supported LGAF -  Click Download

7.Single women Empowerment(SWEP)/ Supported MSBK-   Click download

8.Strengthening Participation of Excluded Groups of People of Rapti Zone in Constitution Making Process (SPEPCMP)/Supported UNDP/SPCBN-    Click Download

9. Peopele's Initiatives for Sustainable Peace in Mid and Far Western Region/ Supported DanidaHugou- Click Download