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Human Right Protection and Legal Service Center (HRPLSC) organized its 11th General Assembly (GA) in 1st Kartik 2071at Ghorahi Municipality of Dang District. A total of 55 members participated in the General Assembly. In the program, HRPLSC presented and discussed about the annual Progress of the year 2070/71 and also its financial transaction during the period.  Further, it has also shared about its strategy and next years work plan.
In the general assembly the members were from Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan, Dang and Banke districts. The GA program was organized into 2 sessions; first as inauguration session and the second close sessions.
Inauguration Session: The program was inaugurated jointly by the Chief Guest and HRPLSC Senior advisor Nanada Bahadur Khatri and Advisor Khem Man Khadka and Thagendra Puri. They jointly lit the candle and inaugurated the program. The General members of HRPLSC, conflict victim women and representative of youth club participated in the program. Ms. Asha Swarnakar welcomed all the participants and program was chaired by President Lalit Buda Magar. The program is conducted by Secretary Kamal Dharti and the conflict women and other stakeholders have talk about the welfare of the organizations.
Top Bahadur Khadka, Executive Director of HRPLSC has presented the progress of Organizations of year 2070, challenges faced by the organization and the strategy that the organization will face near future. It was shared that HRPSLC has worked in the areas of human rights and governance with jointly coordination with the state agencies and tried to make the state accountable towards the roles and responsibilities. Mr. Khadka also shared about the construction of the Peace Memorial in Banke, Free classes organized for the conflict victim women, income generation programs for the conflict victim women in Rukum and Rolpa and finally he shared that HRPLSC has done a significant role in making the state accountable through its programs and making the civil society strengthen.
While greeting to the participants, Ms. Gyanu BC District Chair person of Single women group of Banke said that it is also a respect for single women whose husband were lost lives in conflict and she added that HRPSLC is mother for single women as it has united us and strengthen us. She briefed that she wants to thanks HRPLSC for its remarkable works for creating an environment for respecting single women.
Another Guest Thagendra Puri focused his remarks on that HPLSC believes that children of educated mother is always good and educated teachers students are also excellent. So, HRPLSC is a model organization. He added that he is always ready to make the state accountable and the role of society should be shifted to income generation rather than only for right based approach and these works should be done by HRPLSC. He said that he thanks HRPLSC for this.
While addressing to the participants, Guest and former DDC chairperson said that this remarkable comment received by HRPLSC because it had done some significant works in the past. But, as demanded by the people, it should work in the areas of rights and responsibility and should make the stakeholders responsible towards its duty, and this is an added task of HRPLSC. He wishes for the success of General Assembly.
Finally, HRPLSC chairperson Lalit Buda Magar put his closing remarks of inauguration session and said that Organization always works and never dies, and he assured that the members will review the last years progress and making strategy for the upcoming years. 
Closing session: HRPLSC chairperson Lalit Buda Magar chaired the closing session of General Assembly and started the session by presenting Organization Progress Reports in which the members shared participatory. Similarly, Organization annual expenditures and incomes were also presented and shared as well. Further, it was also shared about the HRPLSC strategic Plan 2014 to 2016 was amended. It was also shared about making the organization localized. Finally, the guest and general members of closing session expressed their views and closed the sessions.
After discussion in the strategic plan of HRPLSC, the strategic plan 2016 to 2016 was approved by all the members which supported for  (a) Human Right Protection and Promotion (b) Promotion of Local governance (c) Access to justice (d) Institutional Development .
HRPLSC has decided to develop coordination with goverment agencies, youth clubs, single women, conflict victim single women , transportation businessman , marginalized group of peoples and media. Further, it was decided to localize the organization by registering in the working district. Thus, in the closing session, the members expressed their views and concluded the session.