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"Envisioning a life that is just, peacful and free from fear and discrimination "

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HRPLSC is a provinc level NGO registered at the District Administration Office (DAO) in Rukum (west) province no 6 under the Social Organisations Registration Act, 1978 in 2000. It is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC ) HRPLSC has been working in the area of human rights protection and promotion through awareness raising activities, advocacy campaigns and community mobilisation. It envisions a just and equitable society wherein everyone exercises his/her fundamental human rights. It fully commits itself to enhancing the capacity of local people in order to enable them to take collective stand against injustice and human rights violations; make duty-bearers accountable to people; and initiate local-level actions towards constructive conflict transformation, which is central to human rights promotion.

HRPLSC primarily works in the province no 5 and 6 and a regional office in Nepalgunj. Currently, HRPLSC is working in Rukum(west), salyan, Surkhet, Banke, Bardiya, Dang, Pyuthan and Rolpa districts. HRPLSC believes that human rights promotion and protection at the community level is not possible unless community youths are mobilized to this end. It has therefore developed a model of working with youth clubs. Over the years, HRPLSC has implemented its human rights promotion works through over 50 youth clubs and some 540 “peace awakening” radio listeners clubs, which were formed as a result of radio programme on peace promotion developed by HRPLSC. These clubs, which  are active at the community level, mobilize community people in activities that promote respect for human rights and also contribute to  peace culture. 

HRPLSC is a membership-based organization with 82 general members, as of Dec,2017. The Ten-member Executive Committee (EC) is elected, every two years, by the General Assembly. The General Assembly is the highest decision- and policy-making body and the EC members are responsible for the implementation of policy decisions adopted by the General Assembly, which is also the final authority to approve annual work plans and budgets. The EC recruits staff members following an open, transparent and competitive process. All decisions at all levels are made in a participatory way. To the extent possible, all decisions are made on the basis of a consensus. When a consensus cannot be reached, decisions are taken by a majority of votes with due respect and appreciation of minority voices and opinions. HRPLSC is absolutely committed to social and gender inclusion, transparency, accountability and responsive to community needs and priorities in everything it does at all level.