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Contract Sign between HRPLSC and CECI/PRAN to implement program

Human Rights Protection and Legal Service Centre, HRPLSC has completed the signed in the contract paper agreement between HRPLSC and CECI/PRAN in 8th Aug 2015 to implement of Public Finance Management program in Banke District through the implementing social accountability tools. The Contract paper Signed between Mr. Top Bahadur Khadka, Executive Chief on behaves of the HRPLSC and Mr. Keshav Koirala country Director from CECI/PRAN.

Since, May 2013 to Dec 2013 HRPLSC had implemented improving the quality of the delivery of public services of selected government agencies in Rukum and Salyan districts through implementing community score card program supported by World Bank/CECI/PRAN and HRPLSC has able to successfully implemented in 15 VDC of Salyan and Rukum districts. So, the project is relevant to replicate the work in banke districts, make it more intense and institutionalized.
The Public finance management program overall objective is to contribute to strengthening transparency, efficiency and inclusiveness of public financial management in targeted areas through fostering the use of SA tools. and its expected outcome is Communities in the program areas (especially marginalized people) are empowered to hold local governments accountable for participatory, pro-poor/gender inclusive budgeting and accurate budget execution, Citizens access to individual Social Security Entitlements (specifically, senior Citizen and single women’s entitlements) and basic education service is improved and National enabling environment for transparent, inclusive and accountable PFM is improved.
HRPLSC will implement SA Tools that the Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) on Senior Citizen and Single Women Entitlements, Budget Dimystification and Awareness Raising, Gender and Pro-poor Budgeting, Social Audit, Public Procurement Monitoring, Public Hearing and Right to Information (RTI) related to Public Financial Management.
The project cover 10 VDCs i.e. Titihiriya, Bankatwa, Sansergunj, Naubasta, Chaisapani, Kachnapaur, Khaskusma,Binauna, Baijapur   and Harminiya.  of Banke district, and HRPLSC will coordination and cooperation with DDC, VDC offices, District Education office, LGCDP and other local level stakeholder to effective implementation of the project in Banke district.