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Improving institutional capacity of HRPLSC through OCA

HRPLSC has done organizational capacity assessment (OCS) third round on March 28 to 31 2018 at Nepalgunj  for  analysis of progress  and assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to increase organizational capacity for sustainability and improved governance of  institution.
During the workshop of organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)  has  reviewed the progress of last year improvement plan and rescore in 39 indicators of 7 domain.  The workshop has found that  HRPLSC has  initiated good practices in Financial management, Gobverment engagement, financial system, strategic plan, stakeholders engagement and collaboration, civil society engagement, General assembly,  physical verification and coding,  management of  personnel file and updating,  reviewing organization structure and job descriptions and responsibilities of board members,  determining annual organizational budget, description of vision and mission,  formed sub- committee to execution and  update  policy  and developed strategic plan of HRPLSC.
After the assessment of institution through OCA, HRPLSC team has developed improvement plan for next year to improve intuitional system.  During the workshop a total of 13 members were participate, male1, Female 2 , dalit 1 janatati 1 others were participates. Mr. Lalidt budha, president of HRPLSC, Ms Sunita Budha vice president, and other board member, Executive chif Mt Top Bbdr Khadka and other management staffs were engaged to capacity assessment of HRPLSC. The workshop has facilitated by NNSWAMr. Paras Giri and Dev Raj Badu.